Vascular Protection Clinic

Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital Vascular Protection Clinic is an outpatient program for people who have experienced signs and symptoms of a recent minor stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA).

Our goal is to work with patients to reduce their risk of additional strokes. We do this by providing early assessments and interventions, access to diagnostic tests, and education about managing and reducing risks.

Our services include:

  • Access to stroke specialists and diagnostic tests;
  • Risk factor screening and counselling;
  • Referrals to neurosurgical and outpatient services as needed; and
  • Patients need a referral from a physician to access this service.

Download the VPC Referral Form (05/2021)


For more information, please click here for the Vascular Prevention Clinic information sheet. 


If you have questions call- 613-267-1500 Ext 4263 Fax-613-267-3449


Important information

  • If you have any signs and symptoms of stroke or TIA call 911 and get to the nearest emergency department right away.
    • What are the five signs of stroke? 
      • Weakness Sudden loss of strength or sudden numbness in the face, arm or leg, even if temporary
      • Trouble speaking – Sudden difficulty speaking or understanding or sudden confusion, even if temporary
      • Vision problems – Sudden trouble with vision, even if temporary
      • Headache – Sudden severe and unusual headache.
      • Dizziness – Sudden loss of balance, especially with any of the above signs


  • If a person is diagnosed with a stroke caused by a blood clot, doctors can administer a clot-busting drug available only at a hospital, and only within a few crucial hours after symptoms begin.* That’s why it is very important to be able to recognize the 5 warning signs of stroke and immediately call 9-1-1 or your local emergency number.

The VPC is an outpatient clinic and does not replace the emergency department.  


Stroke can be treated. That’s why it is so important to recognize and respond to the warning signs.