Building a Culture of Ethics

Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital (PSFDH) takes its commitment to promoting an ethical culture seriously. Building the organization’s ethics capacity, providing support to those making decisions and faced with challenging ethics issues, and most importantly, ensuring that we deliver health care and provide services with the highest ethics standards, is essential.

A variety of resources are available to patients and families as well as PSFDH staff, physicians, patients, families and volunteers, to assist in addressing ethics questions. The ultimate goal is to embed ethics reflection and action into all aspects of health care and other services across the organization.

Patient and Family Advisory Council members are appointed “Advisors” that assist in identifying current and future opportunities to improve the care experience for patients, family and caregivers. They ensure the perspective of patients, family members or their caregivers is always considered and incorporated in organizational activities and listen and learn from patients, family members.

Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital supports you in making good ethical decisions. For more information contact the Ethics Committee or contact the Privacy Officer at 613-283-2330 ext. 1149.

For further information please review the following documents:

Ethics Framework Guide 

Ethics Framework Flowchart 

Ethics Brochure