Lanark County Support Services

The Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital has been a proud sponsor of Lanark County Support Services since 1981. The agency provides the following support services:

Life Skills

Life Skills offers day time support with an emphasis on skill acquisition, to adults with developmental disabilities.

They provide opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to become more independent in their homes, in their communities and at work through individualized instruction.

Activity Centre

Activity Centre provides day time support with a recreational focus, to older adults with developmental disabilities.

The program offers life enriching experiences to older adults through the provision of social, physical, and recreational activities. Skill development and/or skill maintenance will also be provided.

Transition Support Services

Transition Support Services assists young adults with developmental disabilities in the transition from school to each individual’s future endeavours.


This program is designed to assist young adults with developmental disabilities make a successful transition from school to a wide range of community participation activities and work through individualized support.

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