Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital has paid parking, designated parking for disabled persons at both sites and designated parking for expectant mothers at the Smiths Falls Site.

The  Great War Memorial site also has short term parking available at a cost of $1.00 for thirty minutes.  The hospital respectfully requests that you do not park in disabled parking spots unless you have a disabled card displayed on your dash. It is also illegal to park in the fire lanes.  These cars will be ticketed by the town by-law enforcement officers.

All of the proceeds from paid parking are directed towards patient care. In other words, they are used to help pay for day-to-day expenses, such as drugs and supplies.

The parking gate automatically goes up when your car approaches it to enter the parking lots.  However, you will need to put $4.00 into the dispenser in order for the gate to rise when you leave the parking lot.

Change machines are available in the Emergency Department waiting rooms at both sites.

Please, check before you leave the hospital to ensure you have proper change to exit the lot.

Monthly parking passes are available to the public at a cost of $40 per month. You can request a pass at Patient Registration or at a Nursing Station.  They will contact the Human Resources Department who will then contact you to arrange for pick-up of your parking pass.

You will be invoiced each month until you return the parking pass. Parking passes will be inactivated for any unpaid invoices.  A damaged parking card, which will not operate the gate, will be exchanged for a new one upon return of the defective card to the Human Resources Department.  If your parking is lost, there will be a $10 replacement fee.

Great War Memorial Site
33 Drummond Street West
Perth, ON K7H 2K1
Tel: (613) 267-1500
Smiths Falls Site
60 Cornelia Street West
Smiths Falls, ON K7A 2H9
Tel: (613) 283-2330

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