Wait Time Strategy

Ontario’s Wait Time Strategy

On November 17, 2004, the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, George Smitherman, officially announced Ontario’s Wait Time Strategy. The Strategy is designed to improve access to health care services by reducing the time that adult Ontarians wait for services in five areas by December 2006: cancer surgery, selected cardiac procedures, cataract surgery, hip and knee total joint replacements, and MRI/CT scans.

The Strategy will result in a comprehensive, patient-centred surgical care system that monitors and manages wait times, improves how efficiently and effectively care is delivered, and makes wait time information available to the public and providers.

For the first time in this province’s history, Ontarians can now find out how long they can expect to wait for key health services at hospitals.

At the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital we know that our community trusts us to provide essential health care services when they are needed. We believe that we have a responsibility to ensure timely, appropriate, and equitable access to care and are pleased to support the Ontario Wait Times Strategy through our commitment to reduce wait times and increasing access in the area of hip and knee replacements. We are committed to keeping our community informed of current wait times and regularly report our wait times data to the Ontario Wait Times Strategy.

Monitoring wait times is only one of the ways in which we are measuring the quality of the health care we are providing and ensuring access to care for the people of our communities.

For more information on the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care’s Wait Time Strategy please visit their website at:


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