Managing Obstetrical Risk Efficiently (MOREob)

For Immediate Release – April 2, 2013

Media Release

RE: Managing Obstetrical Risk Efficiently (“MOREob”) Program

Smiths Falls, ON – The Perth & Smiths Falls District Hospital (“PSFDH”) is pleased to announce that the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, in collaboration with the South East Local Health Integration Network, has approved funding for the Managing Obstetrical Risk Efficiently (Moreob) program to be implemented on the obstetrical unit at the Smiths Falls site.

The Moreob program is a patient safety program for front line caregivers, clinical practitioners and administrators in hospitals with obstetrical units. This three year professional development and performance improvement program is designed to improve clinical outcomes, to decrease risk of adverse events and to improve the quality of work life.

The Moreob program model breaks down traditional hierarchy and practice and redirects the focus toward teamwork with an overarching vision in patient safety.

The mission of this safety program is to create a culture where patient safety is everyone’s first priority by; developing effective teamwork and communication, eliminating a culture of blame, embracing learning, knowledge sharing and evaluation and to promote inter-professional collaboration with trust and respect.

“By offering the consistent information and training for all physicians and nurses creates a more cohesive team and which will increase the overall level of care provided to the mom and baby,” stated Nancy Shaw, Patient Care Manager, OBS

The Moreob program manages obstetrical risk efficiently and includes foundational elements, inter-professional education, and collaborative practice with clinical content.  Over the last 10 years the Moreob program has been implemented across North America with participating hospitals demonstrating: improved outcomes, improved standardization and consistency of care practices, an improved and sustained patient safety culture and increased core clinical knowledge for all participants.

The PSFDH will work in partnership with the Moreob program to move forward in continuing to build a culture of safety through the development of knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviours and practices that will always ensure that patient safety is the number one priority.

“Participation and recognition in the MOREob program is a valuable tool and the result will be an even better patient experience, as we deliver continually improving, safe patient care,” said Linda Bisonette, President & CEO.

The Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital provides a solid support system for mothers and families in the local area ranging from the OBS clinic to delivery to follow-up.  The OBS department welcomes 300+ births each year.

Dr. McGregor, Clinical Chief, OBS, commented, “the participation in this program is significant in the safety and well-being of our maternity patients.  I am pleased that our organization will receive this training as it will further enhance the skill sets of our physicians and nurses involved in our OBS program.”

 About PSFDH:

The Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital (the “Hospital”) is a fully accredited 97-bed acute care health care organization located on two state-of-the-art sites.  The hospital is situated in the heart of the Rideau Canal region and proudly provides health services to more than 44,000 people in the surrounding communities.  The hospital delivers a broad range of primary and secondary services and programs such as emergency care, diagnostic imaging, obstetrics, general and specialty surgical services, dialysis as well as laboratory and infection control services. 
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