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For Immediate Release – Monday, October 1, 2012

Media Release:

RE: Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital Rolls Out Peer Review Plan

Smiths Falls, Ontario – Lynda Hendriks, Chair of the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital Board of Directors confirmed today that the Hospital has completed the peer review process as announced earlier this summer. In June 2012, the Board of Directors announced its decision to move forward with the engagement of an external consultant to conduct a peer review of the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital. This process was implemented to address the projected $2.6 million deficit for 2012/13. It involved the review and analysis of the hospital’s financial operations and to provide advice to the organization’s leadership to move the hospital towards a balanced budget while maintaining quality services to the people of the Perth and Smiths Falls areas.

The peer review plan has been developed by the senior management, staff and members of the medical staff over the summer months and it was endorsed by Rob Devitt and his review team. Further, the plan has been approved by the Hospital Board of Directors and subsequently, confirmed by the South East Local Health Integration Network.

“The solution is a plan that was generated from within which I feel will make the roll-out more acceptable for everyone,” stated Lynda Hendriks, Chair, Board of Directors. “The hospital family has worked tirelessly over the summer to develop a plan that will make the organization more efficient and balance our budget while preserving its core services.”

Linda Bisonette, Interim President & CEO, added that, “the process was difficult and not undertaken lightly. I am proud of how we have pulled together to work through the number of changes that have taken place since June of this year. This plan will ensure that the hospital moves in the right direction and will continue to move to a surplus position in the coming years.”

She also added that there is a lot of work to be done to realize the proposed savings in the coming fiscal years. Management was asked to reduce costs by 6% and all managers have been creative in how the efficiencies were found. Staff were apprised of details of the plan during a series of general staff meetings on Monday, October 1, 2012. Further departmental meetings will be held with the managers to speak to the specifics of each department plan.

Members of the medical staff have been actively engaged in the process under the leadership of Dr. Peter Roney, Chief of Staff and the entire Medical Advisory Committee. “Based on the work behind the plan, I am confident that the changes will not impact acute volume or quality. It has been a group effort and I believe that we will come out the other side in a better position.”

Rob Devitt, CEO of Toronto East General Hospital and a veteran hospital administrator and reviewer lead a review team that analysed the financial and accountability processes of the hospital. Mr. Devitt and his team generated a report which set out recommendations for the Board and new CEO.

“I am pleased with the efforts of the Perth and Smiths falls District Hospital. The peer review budgeting process is not an easy one, but in the fiscal reality of our province, it is a necessary action to keep hospitals stable. I firmly believe that the plan will help the organization for the long-term,” said Mr. Devitt.


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