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SMITHS FALLS, ON – The Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital (the “Hospital”) is very pleased to announce that it has been granted full accreditation by Accreditation Canada following its four day on-site survey in October, 2010. Full Accreditation status is the highest level achievable. The Hospital met 1238 of the quality dimensions scoring a 95% compliance rate – a testament to commitment to safe, quality patient care. The accreditation process involved a self-assessment by the Board of Directors and 12 hospital quality improvement teams and an on-site visit by two accreditation surveyors. The site visit included a review of documentation, interviews, facility tours and focus group meetings with hospital teams and community partners. The two Accreditation Canada surveyors used a technique called a “tracer” to follow the path of a patient or an administrative process to gather evidence about how our organization ensures that quality and patient safety is met in the services we provide. The tracers included discussion with front line staff, patients, family and physicians.

“I congratulate our staff, physicians and volunteers. The level of their dedication, compassion and commitment to delivering patient care excellence is reflected in this accreditation result. Our community can be very proud of them,” said Larry Sparks, Chair, Hospital Board of Directors.

Following the on-site survey last June, Accreditation Canada issued a Forecast Report containing a summary of survey findings and improvement conditions to address before issuing the Final Report. The new and demanding Accreditation Canada process called “Qmentum” has resulted in most organizations receiving a Forecast Report with conditions, prior to the Final Report awarding full Accreditation. The Hospital submitted evidence of having met all conditions by the March 31st, 2011 deadline and has now achieved full Accreditation status.

The site visit (“survey”) included a review of documentation, team interviews, facility tours and focus group meetings with various stakeholders. The recent survey included direct feedback from patients and their families and other community stakeholders such as other hospitals within the area and the Community Care Access Centre. The feedback from the community and stakeholders provided powerful insight to the hospital and staff reinforcing the community’s valuing and expectations of the services offered by the Hospital. “Accreditation is validation of the great work we do every day in promoting excellence and quality in patient care,” said Todd Stepanuik, President & CEO. “This award reflects the tremendous work that takes place every day at the Hospital and I wish to thank our entire staff, volunteers, physicians and our Board of Directors for contributing to this process and for their continued dedication to those we serve.

Results like these do not just happen. Our people make them happen.”

The volunteer accreditation process is used by the Hospital and other Canadian hospitals for the purpose of evaluating one’s services against the national standard of delivery and to continuously better the quality of patient care.

Cathy Cassidy-Gifford, Manager, Quality, added, “I am proud of this accomplishment and I would like to commend all staff, physicians, volunteers and board members for their hard work and dedication to continually improve the quality of care and services we provide.”

A conditional report was received in November 2010, which indicated there were some areas that required improvement. These matters were addressed in March of this year. Full accreditation was received in April, 2011.

In the report by Accreditation Canada, the Hospital was praised for its strong emphasis on patient safety. Other strengths included:


  • Quality service close to home is a mantra that guides the organization. The array of services for a community hospital of this size is indeed impressive.
  • What lies behind the success is the people of the organization, they live the hospital’s values every day.
  • There is a very high caliber of professionalism and expertise.
  • This is an organization that has really embraced the quality philosophy.
  • There is good communication across the organization.
  • The Hospital is held in high esteem by the community.

In the coming weeks, the Hospital will proudly fly the Accreditation Canada banners at the exterior of each hospital site. “The level of effort and engagement that we saw leading up to the Accreditation survey was truly exceptional,” said Todd Stepanuik, President and CEO. “There was an incredible level of collaboration from across all areas of the organization, and ultimately, it resulted in a truly remarkable outcome.”

“In my discussions with the surveyors, it was particularly apparent that what they found especially notable was how we are able to achieve such significant successes while facing the current challenge of balancing our budget by March 31st, 2011, and simultaneously preparing to complete, appropriately staff and equip the Smiths Falls redevelopment project,” said Mr. Stepanuik. “It has been a challenge, but our efforts are clearly paying off. As one of the surveyors pointed out, she would be very proud to have one of her family members cared for at our Hospital and she would be equally proud to work here too.”

“Despite a very challenging and constantly changing health care environment, our hospital continues to achieve successes and the recognition that accompanies them,” commented Larry Sparks, Chair, Board of Directors. “As a lifelong resident of Perth and Smiths Falls, I could not be prouder of the organization and the quality of service it provides to our community and the region.”

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