Hospital Launches New Website

Smiths Falls, ON – The Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital is pleased to announce the launch of its newly redeveloped website.

Karen Kelly, Executive Assistant, who provided input to for the new site commented, “We asked for the new website to be welcoming, calming, easy for people to navigate and written in plain language, and we are very pleased with the results!”  Initial response from the members of the hospital staff and management team have been overwhelmingly positive “…site looks great, navigates well…this represents a big leap forward…”.

Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital President & Chief Executive Officer, Todd Stepanuik is also very pleased with the new site. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to launch a new and dynamic Hospital website, which will greatly benefit our patients, families and staff.”

Visitors to the Hospital’s web site at  can expect a new look, along with increased functionality and utility.

“It’s been a while since our site was updated,” said Ms. Kelly.  “Since the site was revamped in 2004/05, new technology has come along that has allowed us to add some new features.”

Visually, the site has a more modern look with better navigation that concentrates on the user’s experience. 

“The goal of this site is to provide better access to information for patients and the community, and give them better awareness of our services,” Todd Stepanuik said.

The new website is the culmination of a large and intricate task, but the hospital along with our external partners at OnCourss were able to produce an effective, appealing and user-friendly website which is still evolving.  “OnCourss is proud to have worked with the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital on this successful project,” said Shelley Montreuil, Principal, OnCourss.

“We believe that an informed community is a healthy community and this new site is consistent with our organization’s mission, vision and values” says Todd Stepanuik.

 The Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital would also like to acknowledge Bryan Cronk of 911 Solutions for the development and technical support of the former website.

For more information, please contact:

Todd Stepanuik, President & CEO

613-283-2330 ext. 1130


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