Hospital Introduces Ultrasound Technology in the Emergency Departments

For Immediate Release – December 6, 2010

Smiths Falls, ON – The Perth & Smiths Falls District Hospital is pleased to announce the addition of ultrasound machines in both the GWM and Smiths Falls emergency departments.

 The implementation of ultrasound technology (U/S) in the emergency departments will facilitate the diagnosis of critically ill patients and improve care by providing immediate access to bedside imaging. The benefits of this technology will improve and impact patient care by enhancing the patient evaluation process.

 Imaging at the bedside is a clearly proven and extremely effective diagnostic tool that will provide data to the emergency physicians. This information will assist in determining life threatening events and will allow the department to rapidly evaluate a number of clinical scenarios.  For example, a patient who presents with abdominal pain requiring emergency treatment could possibly have an abdominal aortic disorder or the patient could be on the verge of a significant cardiac event.  Both medical concerns require immediate intervention.  The availability of U/S will facilitate the medical investigation process for physicians in order to facilitate and support medical concerns immediately.  It will also allow the unstable patient to stay in the Emergency Department as opposed to leaving the department for an ultrasound.  The ability of the physician to interpret clinical results will directly reflect in the ability to save patient lives and or greatly improve their clinical outcomes.  The decision to utilize U/S in the emergency department is based on the emergency physician’s discretion and the immediacy of the medical situation.

 “Ultrasound has provided a huge paradigm shift in the Emergency Department changing medical practise and empowering the Emergency Department doctor at the bedside,” stated Dr. Michael Horsey, Co-Director, Emergency – SF Site.  Nancy Massie – Patient Care Manager went on to add that, “U/S was a much anticipated addition to the Emergency Department”.  About 25% of community hospital emergency departments use ultrasound to facilitate critical care.  Pat Corrigan, GWM site ER Manager, notes that “the Foundations have been phenomenally generous for many years ensuring that Hospital patients will receive timely, evidence-based care by their provision of necessary capital equipment.”

 It is the commitment of the Perth and Smith Falls District Hospital to provide quality patient care to the people of this community.  The addition of U/S in the emergency department is a reflection of our organizational commitment and also our continual efforts to provide services to our patients in an ever changing healthcare environment.  “Our central goal is to offer the highest quality of care to Emergency Department patients,” stated Dr. Alan Drummond, Co-Director, Emergency, GWM site.

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