Hospital Cuts Ribbon for New Wing

Smiths Falls, ON –  Approximately 200 people attended the May 27th ribbon cutting celebration for the new wing/building at the Smiths Falls site.  Public officials, physicians, employees, donors, volunteers, partners, members of the community, supporters and friends were on hand.  Larry Sparks, Vice Chair of the Hospital Board welcomed everyone.

The $45 million construction project began with the construction of a new 58,000 square foot building.  The celebration came nearly 21 months after ground was broken for the ambitious project.

Chair of the Hospital Board, Tim Carter stated, “Today we are here to deliver the first part of “Our Promise” as we introduce the new wing.  The new wing includes new state of the art operating rooms, a new Post Anesthetic Care unit, New Diagnostic Imaging  Unit, a CT Scan, new Intensive Care Unit, to name a few.”  He added, “This is a showcase for health care.” Mr. Carter thanked everyone who contributed to the project, including the two hospital foundations and municipalities.  Mr. Carter also thanked the Capital Campaign Committee. “I would like to say thank you to all of the members of the Capital Campaign for all of your hard work.  To our two honorary co-chairs thank you to Richard Schooley and the late Dr. Archie Kerr.  Finally, Paul Howard, a huge thank you for agreeing to chair the Capital Campaign and for your leadership.”

Todd Stepanuik, President & CEO commented, “Today is a day of celebration, of inspiration, a day we have awaited for many years.”  He congratulated everyone who contributed to the realization of the project.  “Everyone who has advocated, planned, designed, built and even prayed for this project happening can feel justifiably proud of what has been accomplished” he said.  Mr. Stepanuik went on to add that it has been a long journey.  It is the biggest construction project ever undertaken at Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital and there remains one year left in the redevelopment.  He paid special tribute to staff, physicians and managers for their efforts, dedication, and enormous contribution to the project.  He acknowledged their hard work and leadership in getting the project to this point.  He also thanked the general contractor, architects and project managers.  He concluded by stating, “I am incredibly proud of the end result.  This belongs to all of us.  The story of this wing, of our wing, has just begun.”

The third speaker was Paul Howard, Chair of the Capital Campaign committee. “When I first toured the facility I was overcome by what had been accomplished.  The completion of this project is a testament to the confidence of many groups in the future of our community and we can all be proud of what has been accomplished.”  Mr. Howard extended a heartfelt thanks to the Provincial Government, the Smiths Falls Community Hospital Foundation, the Great War Memorial Hospital of Perth District Foundation, the donors, service clubs, businesses, and to the Capital Campaign Committee and the various sub committees.  “A huge debt of gratitude is owed.  The hours you have all spent is truly appreciated.  The community thanks you and I salute you personally.”

“The new wing has generated a tremendous amount of excitement and anticipation in Smiths Falls and the surrounding area.  Our health care team at the Smiths Falls site is very much looking forward to caring for patients in this larger, modern, state of the art building” said Todd Stepanuik.

While the new 58,000 wing may be complete, construction work will not end until May of 2011.  The third phase of construction will commence on June 3 and will result in the complete renovation to the existing 70,000 square foot building.

Father Sebastian Amato offered the blessing,  “It is for the betterment of human life that places like hospitals have been created……. As was mentioned, we gather today to cut the ribbon of a new section to this hospital building, particularly, this addition is built on the site of the convent of the Sisters of Providence who came to Smiths Falls in 1904 by invitation to help the people survive help the people the disease that was killing many people……  Bless this hospital and let it be a place of healing and of comfort to those in pain.”  He gave a blessing for “all those who walk as servants within these walls.”

Patients and visitors can access the new wing through the new main lobby located on Elmsley Street.

“My sense was that the people who took part in the tours were overwhelmed by the beauty of the building, inside and out” said Tim Carter, Board Chair.  “The typical reaction was “wow”.  I believe everyone marveled at the spaciousness, colors, natural light and new technology of the new wing.”

The newly constructed 58,000 square foot wing replaces the 1904 wing demolished in 2009.

“I would like to express my thanks to the public for their patience and understanding both during the construction period of the new wing and as we move forward with Phase 3 of our renovations,” said Mr. Stepanuik.

The new wing will open its doors May 31st.

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