State of the Art CT Scanner Arrives at PSFDH

Smiths Falls, ON – The Perth and Smiths Falls District has taken delivery of its new GE Light Speed CT (Computerized Tomography) Scanner.  The delivery marks the first phase of the planned introduction of the new service.  The arrival of the much anticipated machine occurred on Monday, March 15th.

A crew from White Glove Transportation in conjunction with the firm Medical Removal and Installation (MRI) moved the hospital’s new 9,000 pound CT from a huge delivery flat bed trailer to the Smiths Falls site.  The whole operation was meticulously planned and carried out smoothly and safely.  In order to move the Scanner into its new home a crew finessed the unit from the flatbed and wrestled the CT through the lower level of the hospital.  After five hours of great care and precision, the mammoth piece of machinery was manoeuvred into its future home in the newly constructed Diagnostic Imaging department at the Smiths Falls site of the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital.

“It was great to see it arrive and I am pleased to know that we are well on the way to having the unit up and running”, said Pat Warren, Patient Care Manager, Diagnostic Imaging and Cardiopulmonary.  Ms. Warren added, “This technology is the latest addition to our full array of Diagnostic Imaging services”.

The unit is scheduled to be completely installed and commissioned by June.  Plans call for the CT to be “live” shortly thereafter.  The CT, or computerized tomography, takes x-ray pictures through 360 degrees around a patient’s body.  The information is then processed by computers and transformed into a series of images showing cross sectional ‘slices’ of the part of the body being scanned.  Typically the unit is used for patients with a wide range of medical or surgical conditions and is a vital tool in diagnosing patients with suspected cancers, those with serious head injuries, thoracic or abdominal problems and for diagnosing strokes, organ function and cardiovascular disease.  “The addition of a new CT scanner to complement our existing unit will enhance our imaging capabilities, and provide better care to our patients,” said Dr. Margaret Ann Laws, Chief, Diagnostic Imaging.

The CT marks the single largest capital purchase by the hospital since the merger in 1995.  “On behalf of the hospital, we extend our thanks and appreciation to the GWM Foundation and the Smiths Falls Community Hospital Foundation and all donors who have so generously donated in support of this initiative.  The total cost of the project is $2.2 million which includes $450,000 for renovations.  There is still approximately $1,000,000 left to raise.

“The donations that have been made to date speak to the commitment of area residents and businesses who realize the importance of bringing this new service to our area,” said Tanis Cowan, Development Officer, Smiths Falls Community Hospital Foundation.

Speaking on behalf of the GWM Foundation, Bob Jackson, Treasurer commented, “We are delighted with the support that our donors have given us enabling the Great War Memorial Hospital Foundation to fulfill its commitment of one million dollars towards this exciting new service for our community.”

Commenting on the arrival of the hospital’s CT, PSFDH President & CEO, Todd Stepanuik, said, “The addition of the LightSpeed scanner complements and enhances the wide breadth of quality diagnostic services that Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital offers our residents.  Our plans reflect our ongoing determination to offer services and technology competitive with those of larger facilities.  We are committed to ongoing investments in mission critical improvement, including advanced diagnostic imaging equipment”.

An official grand opening will take place at a date and time yet to be determined.

For more information contact:
Todd Stepanuik, President & CEO
Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital
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