Smiths Falls, ON –  In a one-of-a-kind North American initiative, Ontario is setting clear targets for reducing the total amount of time patients spend in emergency rooms – and is publicly posting data about local ERs online.

The province is setting two targets:

1.      For patients with minor or uncomplicated conditions, which require less time for diagnosis, treatment and observation: the latest data from October shows that 90 percent of patients spent a maximum of 4.6 hours in the ER; the target is 4 hours.

2.      For patients with complex conditions, which require more time for diagnosis, treatment or hospital bed admission: the latest data from October shows that 90 percent of patients spent a maximum of 13.5 hours in the ER; the target is 8 hours.

The total time spent in the ER begins when a patient registers and continues as the patient receives treatment.  It ends when the patient is discharged home or admitted to a hospital bed.

According to data available for the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital patients with complex conditions spent 4.7 hours in the ER, which is well under the 8 hour target, and those presenting with  minor or uncomplicated conditions on average spent only 2.8 hours in the ER, also significantly under the provincial target.  “These are excellent results”, stated Linda Bisonette, Vice President – Patient Care Services.  Mrs. Bisonette went on to say, “We are very proud of our staff, physicians and volunteers in these areas of our hospital.”  President and CEO, Todd Stepanuik proudly noted that “the wait time in the Hospital’s two Emergency Rooms was the shortest in the South East Local Health Integration Network.”

Chief of the Medical Staff, Dr. Peter Roney was very pleased to receive this report demonstrating that, in his words, “the focus continues to be on efficient, high quality care for residents of our catchment area” and that a report such as this demonstrates “our commitment to ensuring access to those when and where they need timely emergency care.”

Drs. Alan Drummond and Michael Horsey Emergency Department Medical Leaders and Pat Corrigan, Patient Care Manager greeted the results with enthusiasm, however the report was not a surprise to them as they work in this excellent environment every day.  “We recognize that these numbers are averages”, noted Ms. Corrigan, “and that some days the wait will be longer as care demands and the number of emergency patients change from moment to moment.”

Tim Carter, Chair, Board of Directors, stated that “surveys and reports from the Ministry clearly confirm what we see in practice on a daily basis in our Hospital.  I am very pleased to congratulate our staff on yet another significant achievement.”

Members of the public can continue to track this data as it is reported monthly by accessing the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care’s website under Wait Times.

For more information contact:

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