Smiths Falls, ON –   More than ever before strategic planning has increasingly become an important tool in the hospital sector.  In 2007, the Board of Directors engaged the consulting services of Coulson & Associates to help develop the strategic plan.     The strategic plan has been designed to build on Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital’s (the “Hospital”) current strengths and to think creatively and innovatively about the future, while ensuring that concrete action can be taken quickly to move towards future directions.

“The Plan would not have been possible without the invaluable contribution of our many staff, physicians, volunteers and community partners who shared their time and their insights to help shape the Mission, Vision and Values and the strategic directions.  All reflected on and discussed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats the hospital faced in the current and ever changing environment”, said Hospital Board Chair, Tim Carter.  He went on to add, “The current Mission, Vision and Values statements for the Hospital have been reviewed and where necessary, updated to better reflect our organization.  The strategic plan identifies the mission that drives us towards attaining the vision, the overarching values that frame our decision making and the strategic directions”.

The new statements are:

Mission: To foster the well being of the people we serve.
Vision: The realization of optimum health for the people in our community through an integrated health care system.
An environment where everyone is treated with dignity, respect and compassion.
Promotion of positive working environments and relationships.
Commitment to excellence in the provision of safe, high quality, patient-focused care.
Facilitate access in collaboration with our health care partners to appropriate care in response to patient need.
Accountable to our stakeholders to ensure responsible stewardship of our resources.
Committed to the recruitment and retention of staff who are dedicated to the organization’s Mission, Vision, and Values.

After much consultation, five strategic priorities were adopted by the Board of Directors.  They are as follows:

  1. Strengthen collaboration with the Medical Staff.
  2. Continue to work with the municipalities to identify alternative strategies for the recruitment and retention of family physicians and professional staff to meet the future needs of the hospital.
  3. Implement a CT scanning service.
  4. Ensure the successful completion of the Smiths Falls Site redevelopment project.
  5. Promote excellence in HR practices.

Strategic planning is a high level planning process.  An implementation plan outlining tactics for each strategic direction is in the process of being developed.  Additionally, the executive summary of this plan will be posted on the hospital website (

Tim Carter, Chair, Board of Directors stated, “Today, in times of increasing resource pressures, we face more complex patient needs than ever before.  At the same time, our health system is becoming ever more dependent on building partnerships.  We are a strong, skilled organization which has fostered effective partnerships.”

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