Going Digital with Picture Archiving Communication System

SMITHS FALLS, ON – To keep pace with advancements in the storage, sharing and viewing of Radiology based images, the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital has committed to installing a Picture Archiving Communication Systems (“PACS”) in the spring of 2008.

“This major initiative is, in essence, about improving access to images for patient diagnosis and treatment, and as a result, providing our patients with best possible care,” says Todd Stepanuik President & CEO, Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital.

PACS is an computerized system that enables electronic method of viewing, sharing  and storing diagnostic images and reports on PCs throughout the hospital.  Dr. Margaret-Anne Laws, Chair, Diagnostic Imaging, says that the physicians are keenly excited about the advantages to patient care that PACS brings.  “The GE Medical System that we are installing has many benefits to offer our patients,” says Dr. Laws.  “As both sites come on-line, physicians and other healthcare providers will have faster and easier access to view any previous studies as well as current exams simultaneously, regardless of which site they are working at or where the images were taken.”.

A more comprehensive patient record will be in one place and no longer will patients and their physicians have to wait for films to be sent from one site to the other to compare exams.  “Essentially, PACS will eliminate much of the paper and x-ray films generated in our Diagnostic Imaging department,” stated Pat Warren, Manager, Diagnostic Imaging.  “The quality of images and the speed with which images can be retrieved with PACS is incredible”.

With PACS, access will be seconds – there will be no more waiting for film to be processed, sorted and delivered to the radiologist to review said Linda Bisonette, Vice President, Patient Care Services/CNE and Executive Lead for the PACS initiative.

There are many benefits to patients with the installation and utilization of PACS such as:

  • improved access to images – thereby reducing delays with patient treatment;
  • for the referring physician, specialist and other healthcare providers, PACS allows for reports and images to be available using secure web technology.
  • With PACS, the physician could be at the nurses’ station or emergency department, or potentially even in his/her office. No need for repeat imaging due to lost or unavailable films

The total cost of PACS is approximately $1.2 million.  Given the magnitude and complexity of the initiative the intent is to be fully operational sometime in the spring of 2008.

For more information, please contact:

Todd Stepanuik
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Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital
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